Natural Bronzing is the future of sunless tanning.
Sunless Airbrush Tanning
We only use handheld AirBrush equipment in a private environment. Because we do not use machine booths, your tan will be customized to you. Our spray solution has no scent and will not make you orange! Our tanning solution quickly and evenly covers your entire body. This process is safe, UV-free, and perfect for women or men who want a healthy looking tan skin, without the risk of skin damage. Even if you've been unable to tan in the past because of freckling, skin conditions, a fair complexion, or safety concerns, you'll be able to safely get a beautiful tan that will make you feel and look great!
We take pride in our application of color, protecting the toes and hands. Our sprayers AirBrush the entire body to mimic what the sun would do naturally. Our salon has tanned thousands of clients, both men and women. We care about our clients looking natural and beautiful as a real sun tan would.
Using this application method, our specialists can customize the level of color you will have, so you can have a ighter color all year around and intensify it in the summer months.
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